Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is working hard on a number of issues that concern the 1.4 million residents of the Bronx


  • Has worked with the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation and the Bloomberg Administration to create thousands of new jobs in the Bronx.
  • Has successfully leveraged more than $60 million in funding into more than half a billion dollars in new development.
  • Has brought responsible redevelopment to the Kingsbridge Armory with the forthcoming Kingsbridge National Ice Center.
  • Borough President Diaz has worked to lure companies of all sizes to the Bronx, not just from other boroughs but from other states as well. Thanks to the advocacy of Borough President Diaz, all-electric truck manufacturer Smith Electric has moved from Kansas to a new home in the Bronx, creating dozens of new jobs.
  • At the same time, Smith Electric is working with FreshDirect, who is also moving to the Bronx thanks to the advocacy of Borough President Diaz. FreshDirect will create 1,000 new jobs here, and is working with Smith Electric to green their delivery fleet.
  • Borough President Diaz has worked with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council to bring millions in new funding to the Bronx, including funding for the redevelopment of the Hunts Point Produce Market.
  • Through the BOEDC, Borough President Diaz has helped place hundreds of Bronxites in new jobs across the borough.
  • Launched the first ever Bronx restaurant week event, “Savor the Bronx!,” in conjunction with the Bronx Tourism Council.
  • Is working with Senator Kirstin Gillibrand to provide tax breaks for new entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Bronx.
  • Helped to create the Westchester Square Business Improvement District, and continues to support small business in every corner of the Bronx.
  • Is working to bring Major League Soccer to the Bronx.


  • Borough President Diaz has instituted a policy at Borough Hall that ensures that projects meet high environmental standards before they are eligible for funding.
  • Was honored with the Distinguished Service Award at the 4th annual NYC Big Apple Brownfield Awards, celebrating his environmental record.
  • While in the New York State Assembly, Diaz authored a law that created tax breaks for developers who installed green roofs.


  • Led the charge to pass the “Fair Wages for New Yorkers” Act, which will ensure that development projects that take heavy taxpayer funding pay their employees a “living wage.”
  • Helped bring mandatory “paid sick leave” legislation to New York City, and is working to see the State’s minimum wage raised.


  • Has proposed the first ever statewide “gun crime offender registry,” which would required gun crime offenders to register with the State , and for that information to be made avail to the public.
  • Has worked with the NYPD to take illegal guns off the streets, through gun buybacks and the “Peace in our Streets” campaign, which promotes the 866-GUN STOP hotline.


  • Borough President Diaz has provided more than $27 million in funding to over 175 education projects across the Bronx. This money has funded technology upgrades and other improvements to public schools and higher education institutions across the Bronx.
  • Held the borough’s first-ever education summit in October 2011, bringing together some of the best minds from across the nation to discuss the future of public education in both the Bronx and New York City.
  • Has called on the Department of Education to reform its specialized high school admissions policies, issuing a report on the matter in May 2012, titled “An Action Plan for Fixing the Specialized High School Admissions Process.”
  • Created the “Bronx Achievement Pact,” in conjunction with Mercy College and Truman High School, to offer Bronx students a chance to earn college credit while in high school.
  • Helped fund the Bronx Parent Center at Mercy College. The Center will host workshops for parents to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully support their children’s educational experience. The Center will offer parent workshops on such topics as managing problem behaviors, strategies to support special needs children, helping with math, read-aloud strategies, parent leaderships and hands-on technology.
  • Is supporting the major expansion of Hostos Community College by funding the college’s Allied Health & Science project.


  • Stands in full support of marriage equality for everyone.
  • Wrote to President Obama in October 2010, urging his repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for service in the military.
  • Is working with the borough’s LGBT community to develop a new Bronx Pride Center.


  • Has funded more than 45 housing projects in the Bronx, to the tune of over $30 million, creating new jobs and hundreds of new housing units in the process.
  • Has supported award-winning projects such as Via Verde in Melrose, which has been recognized nationally as a new way forward for green housing development.


  • Hosted the borough’s first-ever health summit in April 2013.
  • Created the Bronx CAN-Changing Attitudes Now—initiative, which urges Bronx residents to make small changes in their lives to lead to better health outcomes.
  • Has partnered with the Coca-Cola Foundation to expand the Bronx CAN Initiative to every corner of the Bronx.
  • Has introduced legislation calling for City development projects to undergo a “Health Impact Assessment,” in order to guarantee that new development projects meet high environmental and health standards.